Games are not only fun, they are a great way to learn! In regular games, you learn skill and strategy. What if you learnt skill and strategy in financial games, and then apply that to real life?

We are organizing these games because we ourselves love playing them and it’s how this group met. The games are only that – playing financial board game and learning from them, while meeting people and making friends. We keep this group free of solicitation and any forms of selling. The only thing we will inform you of is about our upcoming games and Financial workshops (if you want to expand on the things you learned in the games and see how they apply in real life). And that is all. Passing business cards or solicitation is not allowed during the event. 

Games that we pick need to have financial concepts that assemble some basic simulation to life. We currently host Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, Monopoly Propnex and Rut to Riches. Click here for more games that are coming soon. We also have a Facebook group – Financial Board Games and Events (Singapore), where you can see photos from our previous games. 



We have the following upcoming games. Please RSVP either by or via Registration form below

JUNE 2024:
11 June (Tuesday), 7:00 pm Cashflow 202 
18 June (Tuesday), 7:00 pm Cashflow Open Play***
29 June (Saturday), 7:00 pm Open Play*

*Open play = no facilitation. Play any game you want – Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, Monopoly or Rut to Riches (depending on weather there is enough players for that particular version)
**Our Monopoly Propnex event is just a practice session. No cash awards will be given. Please register with the official Monopoly Propnex for the actual tournament
***Cashflow Open Play = no facilitation. Play either Cashflow 101 or Cashflow 202. 


How many people per session? We like to keep things compact! Ideally around 4-15 people is optimal, but we’ll take up to 18 people per session.
Will you be selling me anything? We bring up upcoming games and events before and after the session (most of them free, a few are paid), but we won’t be selling you anything.
I am a financial advisor/property agent/in sales/etc. Can I give out my name cards? No solicitation please! Attendees come here to play and learn. Giving out name cards is not allowed in the premise. We encourage you to build relationships during the game. You’re free to give out your name cards once you’re outside the premises.
Where is Commerze@Irving? It’s the yellow/orange building beside Tai Seng Point. A 2-min walk from the MRT via Exit A.


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Which Games Are You Planning on Attending?
Whatsapp/Text +65 80534335 if you need to cancel one or more dates
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Games will be held at 1 Irving Place, Commerze@Irving @ Level 2
Tai Seng MRT Exit A
Orange building beside Tai Seng Point




 There will be more games introduced in 2024!


Rut to Riches

The game’s objectives are simple: retire early and then create wealth.

This game is similar in concept to Cashflow 202 but has more options and significantly more calculations. We recommend coming to a facilitated game first to learn all the rules and get some practice with all the calculations. 

As an education tool, the Rut to Riches board game teaches players to:

  • Understand basic accounting principles, running a cash statement, profit and loss, and balance sheet
  • Make acquisitions and investment decisions based on future capital gains and passive income
  • Control debt, reduce liabilities and reduce interest costs
  • Appreciate the financial requirements for retiring comfortably and to understand the difference between earned (active) income and investment/business (passive) income
  • Seek quality professional advice for business and investment
  • Realise that regardless of their starting salaries or financial position, they can achieve financial independence by exercising good judgment
  • Learn from mistakes, including those made by other players


We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our games!