About Us


We are a small group of people that met playing financial board games and became friends. After many Cashflow 101 games we wanted to take it up a notch, and play more games, so we decided to form our own group. But since we are a community of traders, investors, network marketers, business owners and macroeconomics hobbyists we figured that introducing people to what can be done in real life, how to apply the knowledge from board games, is also something we want to do. So Wealth Whiz Singapore was born. After adding more features and consolidating our groups we incorporated and consolidated everything into Wealth Whiz Singapore, as we are looking to help Singaporeans navigate the local financial scene.

We are on following platforms and social media:

Having to think about finances and implementing financial decisions are tough, but it’s necessary. Especially when it comes to building a cushiony retirement nest against high inflation in the current landscape.

That’s where we come in.

We will be holding the following events:

  1. Financial Board Games: The financial board games we pick for our events are simulations of life situations. We facilitate weekly financial board games that are educational, engaging and fun! There will be no selling or soliciting during these events.
  2. Financial Workshops: We team up with various finance professionals of various backgrounds to promote various educational workshops to broaden the knowledge of every Singaporean.

If you or your company are in a finance-related industry and would like to partner with us, do reach us at info@wealth-whiz.com so we can discuss. Let’s collaborate on helping our fellow residents navigate the financial landscape of our little tropical country!