CPF Medisave Account

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Medisave Account holds a critical role in Singapore’s comprehensive social security system. Established to address healthcare needs, the Medisave Account plays a pivotal role in ensuring the financial well-being of citizens when it comes to medical costs.

Contributions to the CPF, from both employees and employers (typically 20% of income from employee’s own salary; plus 17% employer contribution of employee’s salary), include allocations to the Medisave Account, forming a vital part of the overall CPF structure. This account specifically caters to medical expenses, providing a dedicated fund for individuals to meet their healthcare needs.

The Medisave Account is particularly significant for managing hospitalization expenses, outpatient treatments, and preventive healthcare measures. It acts as a personal medical savings account, allowing CPF members to accumulate funds over the years to address current and future healthcare costs.

One of the distinctive features of the Medisave Account is the utilization of funds for various healthcare-related purposes. CPF members can tap into their Medisave savings for hospital bills, surgical procedures, outpatient treatments, and selected preventive healthcare services. This helps to alleviate the financial burden associated with medical care and promotes a more proactive approach to health management.

The account also extends its benefits to family members, allowing CPF members to use Medisave funds for the medical expenses of their immediate family, including spouse, children, and parents. This feature contributes to a collective approach to healthcare planning within families.

Furthermore, the Medisave Account integrates with national healthcare schemes, such as MediShield Life. The account can be used to pay for MediShield Life premiums, providing an additional layer of financial support for individuals facing significant healthcare costs. This interconnectedness ensures a comprehensive and coordinated approach to healthcare financing in Singapore.

Interest rates on Medisave Account balances are reviewed regularly, aiming to provide CPF members with reasonable returns on their healthcare savings. This ensures that the account remains a robust financial instrument for meeting medical expenses while accounting for inflation and changing healthcare landscapes.

The CPF Medisave Account is an integral component of Singapore’s social security system, designed to safeguard citizens’ financial well-being in the realm of healthcare. From hospitalization to outpatient care and preventive services, this dedicated account offers a financial buffer, promoting individual as well as family health management so as to help residents sustain any unforeseeable healthcare emergencies in the future.


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